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A shocking realization

I have a very healthy respect for experts in fields I’m not so good at. Electricians top that list.

When I designed my dream woodshop, I spent several months doing so on paper. I can’t count the number of different layouts and requirements I went through before deciding on a final design. Part of that design was trying to correctly anticipate every electrical outlet I would ever need.

I did a halfway pretty good design. That is, about half of my outlets are spot-on, supplying juice to stationary and benchtop machinery, as well as outlets that get used a lot for a variety of tools and equipment. Then, there’s the other half.

I have maybe five or so outlets that I’ve never used, ever, in the three years the shop’s been operational. Sure, it’s great to have them there, as I’ll undoubtedly use them eventually, but man oh man do I wish I’d put them elsewhere.

You see, there are several spots where I never though I’d need power, or spots where an outlet was a good idea but placed a bit too far from an ideal location, or places I’m now using differently than I’d originally thought. I’ve addressed some of these, and have had an electrician back to add new – or move old – outlets or circuits. These have been minor tweaks to be sure, but important ones to the efficiency of my shop.

There are still a number of places I wish I had an outlet, and I’m sure I’ll be calling my friendly neighborhood electrician to come back and work his magic once again. But in the meantime, I’ve confirmed where my talents lie, and where the talents of others begin. And electricity is one of those talents.

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