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A major addition

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Don’t you hate when new technology makes your favorite tools obsolete? I’ll bet you wish there was a way you could easily adapt new tech to old tools. Well, guess what?

I have an old 18-volt DeWalt drill that used to be my go-to workhorse drill, plus a cordless circ saw that was great for away-from-outlet tasks. I don’t use them much anymore. Not because I don’t like them – they’re great tools – but because their NiCad batteries are so old they barely hold a charge, and buying replacement batteries for old tools is an expensive proposition. Wouldn’t it be great if companies would make adapters that mated their new state-of-the-art Lithium batteries to their older tools? I guess I can dream. But wait; take a look at this.

That’s an adapter DeWalt just announced that lets you use the newest 20-volt Lithium batteries with your older 18-volt NiCad DeWalt tools. Finally! Not only can I use my old favorite drill and circ saw again, but they also just gained all the benefits of Lithium-ion technology.

Now, this isn’t the first adapter like this. A small company produced a similar Makita battery adapter a few years ago, but you’ll only find it on eBay and Amazon. To my knowledge, this is the first time a major tool manufacturer has made this kind of Lithium accessory available to loyal users of their tools. To my mind, this is a huge deal.

Of course, when it comes to things like this I am a greedy soul, and I want more! With luck, DeWalt will also see the value in the many thousands of users out there with older 14.4-volt tools – like the drill I’m using in the masthead photo at the top of this page, plus a cordless brad nailer I found extremely handy – and introduce Lithium power options for those tools as well.

More importantly, now that the ice has been broken on this I hope the other big players in the industry take the hint and follow DeWalt’s lead.



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