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A gift for myself

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So, I have that $50 gift card good for any woodworking item I want. The question is, what do I use it to buy?

As you read last time, I found a $50 gift card to a woodworking supplier that I’d misplaced three years ago. The practical part of me says to put it away – somewhere I’ll remember it this time – and save it for when I need to get something. If something breaks in the shop or I absolutely have to get something for a project or article I’m working on (which will certainly occur), it would be good to get a $50 discount on whatever it may be.

But I know me. Well enough to know that there is no such place to put something where I’ll remember it later. I own three sets of screw extractors (at least three, that is) that I have no idea where they are that prove that point. So, I want to get something now, right now, while that card is burning a hole in my pocket.

What, though? I don’t need a single thing for the shop that I can think of. So, I guess I could go two routes. The practical route would be to stock up on expendables like sandpaper, blades, screws, stain or something like that. Or I could indulge myself and start flipping through their latest catalog until I come upon something that makes me say, “Yeah, I gotta get me one of those.”

Not looking for suggestions here – by the time you read this I will probably have already ordered whatever I’ve decided on – but I’m curious: What would you do?

Here are the rules: You have a $50 woodworking gift card. You can’t turn it into cash or use it anywhere else but that supplier, so you must get, or apply it to, a woodworking item for yourself. And, for the sake of our hypothetical situation, you can’t really need anything right now; this has to be an impulse purchase.

So, what would you get?



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