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A fitting conclusion

I finally fixed something that’s bothered me for years. It took some scavenging to do it, though.

Since installing my dust collection system I’ve used a makeshift method of connecting my planer when needed. The planer is against a wall when idle, with a 10' hose wrapped around it. To use it, I roll it out onto the floor, unwrap the hose, pull the hose connection off my miter saw, then attach the planer hose to the saw’s dust port. When done, I reverse everything and roll it back against the wall. Works fine, but it’s always a pain. Finally decided to give the planer its own port.

AJBLOG-1039 image

Adding another duct and port near my miter saw meant changing too many things already on that side of the shop. But the dust duct on the opposite side of the shop (that goes to my band saw and jointer) ends too far from where I need to store and use the planer, so I started there.

Extending the duct past the jointer was simple, but I had no easy means of mating the planer’s 2-1/2" hose to the 4" duct without sending away for fittings. Fortunately, having changed dust layouts a dozen times in three homes, I have a whole box of old fittings, but there was nothing in the box that would work.

Up above, you’ll see the custom fitting I made from scavenged parts. I had a 2-1/2" to 4" adapter for PVC pipe, and a 2-1/2" blast gate, but no means to connect them. Loathe waiting for something mail-ordered to arrive, I took an unused swivel connector designed to slip into a 2-1/2" port (I don’t like swivel connectors), and just cut off the part that fit. I dabbed PVC cement on each side, slipped the cut connector into both adapters and, once dry I have a fitting that mated perfectly.

Now, the planer stores against the wall where it always has, but the new accordion-style hose lets me keep it connected. The accordion action keeps the hose small as it hangs behind the planer, meaning I don’t have to wrap 10' of hose around it. I can just pull it out, use it, and roll it back.

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