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Welcome to my 300th blog. So, how to mark this auspicious occasion?

My first thought was posing for a new photo for the top of the blog modeled after the poster for the movie "300" that showed Gerard Butler in a mighty warrior pose with his sweaty, muscular abs and thrusting a sword, but maybe substituting a random orbit sander for the sword. Sure, my muscular abs were ready, but to do the photo right I'd need a beard, which means I would have had to start planning it at around blog 285 or so, which I didn't. Sorry, ladies.

Then I thought maybe a racing thing might be good, as lots of NASCAR races have the number 300 on them. But having driven a Saturn hatchback for the last eight years I didn't think I was nearly as good a match for the idea as I was for the muscular abs thing. There's also a Chrysler 300, but it's hard to get 2x4s into one of those.

Nah, seemed better to relate it the shop. OSHA has a "Form 300," but that's a form for recording injuries. Forget that. OPCM 300 is out, too, since it's concrete and not wood. I could celebrate by getting a Dremel 300, but I just recently bought a Dremel 8000 so I won't because the one I already have is bigger.

Then there's bowling, where 300 is a perfect score. But seeing as the highest I ever scored at a bowling alley (not including Darla Singer back at OSU) was 88, that's out. And as long as I'm eliminating sports, I'm too old for Elite 300.

Hey, maybe I could get Woodshop News to spring for a Phenom 300 to promote my 300th blog. Probably not. Besides, not sure the airport here in Middleofnowhere, W.Va., could handle one.

Running out of ideas here. I could take part in the Copper Basin 300, but where would I get a dog on such short notice? The fine folks at 300 Below Inc. would probably love to do a tie-in, but I'm tired of the cold. For the same reason, an Arctic Cat 300 would be ridiculous. A Samsung CLP-300 would be nice, but my current printer is just fine. And I'd never trade in my Kindle for a Sony PRS-300.

*sigh* Really, about the best thing I can come up with at this point is to print out a high-resolution copy of this blog (at 300 dpi, of course), file it, and just call it a day.

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