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It’s the first blog of the New Year, and at this very moment ...

I'm wondering why I was so worried about the job I did on the scroll-sawn puzzle I made for my grandson for Christmas. Everyone loved it, especially him. (Grandfatherly boast: He just turned two, but has already memorized where all the pieces go!)

Local gas prices are $2.09 per gallon. We’re typically a bit above national average here, so this is a real treat.

I’m enjoying the deal I stumbled on at a Big Box store while visiting my daughter over the holidays – a two-pack of lithium-ion batteries on sale at 75 percent off. You better believe I snatched that up.

I’m preparing my 2015 business/income folders, office and shop calendars, writing in important upcoming dates, preparing a couple project proposals, and outlining a new woodworking book.

I haven’t done an official tally yet, but in quickly glancing over my 2014 folders it looks like it was a decent year.

I just finished an on-paper layout for rerouting my dust collection ducting, which should boost its efficiency nicely and reclaim some wall space.

I’m noticing that this is blog No. 598, meaning that No. 600 is right around the corner.

And I'm watching my neighbor mow her lawn ... in January!



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