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Anderson Stratos Pro Full  photo 1
Anderson  Stratos Pro Full

The Anderson MLS; is designed to Automatically Load a full sheet of manmade material, chosen from either 2, 4, or 6 available pre-staged bundles of materials. This is done using the same FANUC controller system as operates the CNC Router. So, there is not an additional controller system, with the added maintenance, learning curve, or communication issues that other more needlessly complicated multiple controller designs could have. This design allows for the loading of full bunks of material up to 48 inches overall height. Then our unique loading system LIFTS the panel & places it unto the staging conveyor, instead of dragging it, increasing its speed and reliability. Costly indexing scissor lifts are eliminated along with their sensors, eyes, controls and hydraulics. Material Squaring posts are included to allow for all material loading do be done from either side of the machine. System can be set up to accept material from either the Operator’s side or the opposite side of the machine. With an 8 foot opening, material is directly loaded, using with your forklift. The entire system fits under a 10 foot roofline and adds less than 6 figures to the legendary Stratos Pro, Selexx Plus, or Andimaxx Automated Processing Lines.



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