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KCD Software empowers your success from design to manufacturing

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KCD Software is a full spectrum design to manufacturing software. For nearly 40 years, our family-owned business continues to develop, sell, and support KCD Software.

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Designer: Every job begins with a design and so does KCD Software. This package offers a complete design studio from 2D to 3D renderings. Create kitchens, baths, entertainment centers, computer workstations, walk-in or reach-in closets, garage storage and more. Work in inches or metric, frame, frameless or closets, residential or commercial cabinetry the choice is yours. Add details like doors, moldings, edging, colors, textures and more to any job. To quickly create a custom project, our expansive unit libraires offers a better starting point. Designs are created faster and with less effort. Bring home your projects with KCD Cabinet/Closet Designer.

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Professional: The Professional includes all the features of the Designer plus more. Professional adds the ability to create accurate and detailed contracts, estimates and proposals using your cost information. Changes made to your designs are reflected in the cost reports. Looking to order ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinetry? KCD Software is a custom cabinet software, so we include the cabinotch frame and frameless RTA library systems in our software. Cabinotch’s accurate, parametric design-driven machining is cut straight from your design and delivered to your door, ready to assemble. KCD Cabinet/Closet Professional adds more power to your business.

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Workshop: Workshop includes all the features of the Professional, plus the ability to build your custom cabinetry and closets. KCD Software’s history is that of being Custom Cabinet Makers, so it understands the importance of an accurate cut list. Whether you build frame or frameless cabinetry, or closets your method becomes part of the software. To make this happen the software asks detailed question on how you build. What are your construction details? The software is trained to use your details to create the link between design and building. We work with each person to make their details a success in KCD Cabinet/Closet Workshop.

CNC Commander: CNC Commander includes all the features of the Workshop and takes your designs to CNC manufacturing. Your designs contain important information and is used to calculate your part sizes. Run your CNC router using KCD Software’s One-Button Machining calculating and optimizing toolpaths, maximizing material yield with true shape nesting and generating CNC machine code. The CNC manager and parts editor come with the CNC Commander. Run multiple jobs together, along with individual replacement parts with CNC manger. Select quantities, control and rotate parts. The more you include, the more efficient your nest. The parts viewer displays each part for details of cut, drill and rout. Change the shape of a part then nest it with the rest. KCD Cabinet/Closet CNC Commander is a custom fit design to manufacturing software.



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