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The BLIND STAPLER Now Available


The Blind Stapler is a complete GAME CHANGER in the world of cabinet construction. The Blind Stapler attaches a face frame to a cabinet box in seconds.

A new innovation in cabinet construction, the Blind Stapler will forever change the way a cabinet is built. The Blind Stapler attaches a face frame to a cabinet box in seconds. No more pocket screws, nails or putty! Even the most demanding cabinet jobs will assemble quickly and efficiently. The Blind Stapler will be one of the easiest and most used tools in your shop. Made of 6061 aircraft aluminum, it’s light, durable, and designed for years of use. The Blind Stapler will never leave a mark. In fact, you can even pre-finish your cabinet before you attach the face frame to save even more time! The Blind Stapler will also attach a drop edge to a shelf, thereby eliminating the need for putty and sanding. The Blind Stapler will also attach a finished wood end to a counter top with no marring. Best of all, the Blind Stapler will save hundreds of hours per year in labor costs that will give you the winning competitive edge! 

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