Showing Lignomat Moisture Meters for Wood.

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You have a choice: Lignomat offers pin and pinless meters.

For woodworking we recommend pin meters, they are more versatile and allow measuring flat, round and oddly-shaped wood products. www.lignomat.com. 800-227-2105.

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Lignomat presents new kit

Lignomat offers a new moisture and humidity measuring kit featuring the Ligno-VersaTec, which can be operated as a pin or pinless moisture, and a thermo-hygrometer.

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Inlays require some of the most accurate routing procedures in all of woodworking.

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Lignomat presents DuoTec BW

The Ligno-DuoTec BW can measure wood moisture and relative humidity, which are the main factors contributing to moisture problems in furniture and cabinets.