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A Cut Above, from WTS

Something seismic is happening in circular saw blades. A new company with impeccable credentials and vast experience has created the ultimate blade selection for serious woodworkers. A Cut Above blades deliver industrial quality and service to small and medium sized woodshops.

Wood Tooling Shop (WTS) is passionate about delivering the perfect cut to three client categories: Professionals, including custom furniture builders; Cabinetmakers; and serious hobbyists (Garage Warriors).


WTS’s saw blades combine state-of-the-art innovation without being cost-prohibitive. They are quiet – each blade has a unique pattern of slots filled with a special dampening material to eliminate harmonic impact, vibration, and noise. They’re enduring ­– the sub-micron grade carbide tips are precision ground with an appropriate tooth form for each specific application. They’re accurate – an exquisitely tight tolerance on flatness provides better dimensional control of cuts, and minimal side run-out eliminates marking on the workpiece. And they stay clean – a unique hard coating prevents corrosion and helps negate pitch build-up.

Among the offerings are combination blades that have a positive hook angle for faster feed rates. Their geometry is alternating top bevel (ATB) with a raker for ripping. Then there are flat-top ripping blades with a 20-degree hook that can be used in gang-rip operations, and general-purpose crosscut blades with either an ATB or triple chip grind (TCG) and a 10-degree hook for smooth, clean, chip-free cuts on the top AND bottom edges. There are glue-line rip blades with TCG and a 22-degree hook that need no sanding, and laminate blades with a conical edge TCG that leaves a swirl-free edge on solid-surface materials or thick plastics.


WTS also offers a premium blade for miter saws that can be used on double-miter machines; non-ferrous options for metal cutting; solid surface blades; and beautifully engineered thin kerf crosscutting and trim cut blades. The latter is equipped with polymer filled expansion slots that help it run smoothly without turbulent noise, and all of these blades are a cut above the competition.


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