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Rikon filtration systems can fit any shop

Rikon has added four three-stage air filtration systems for shops of various sizes.

Rikon's model 61-1600 air filtration unti.

“Deciding on which unit depends on the square footage of your shop and the number of machines you have,” says product manager Rod Burrow. “If you have a large shop, you could either purchase a larger unit or have several of the smaller 61-750 models. This way, you place one near your sanding station with a standard filter and then one near your finishing station with a charcoal filter in it so you can collect the fumes.”

Model 61-750 offers three speed settings and a 1/4-hp motor, providing 350, 550 and 750 cfm of filtered air. Four timer settings allow the unit to filter air in a 30’ x 30’ x 8’ room six times per hour in one-, two-, three- or four-hour segments, according to Rikon. An electrostatic pre-filter is available as an accessory.

“The 61-750 (which retails for about $430) is good for almost any shop, whether you have a single machine or multiple machines. Unlike the other units, this model comes with a remote control that allows you to control the unit’s power switch, speed settings and timers,” says Burrow.

Model 61-1250 offers two speed settings and a 1/3-hp motor. Rikon says it will filter the air of a 30’ x 30’ x 10’ room six times per hour and the unit sells for about $600.

Model 61-1600 has two speed settings and a 1/2-hp motor, filtering the air of a 40’ x 40’ x 10’ room six times per hour. The unit sells for about $800.

Model 61-2400 also has two speed settings and a 3/4-hp motor, scrubbing the air in a 50’ x 50’ x 10’ room six times per hour, according to Rikon. It sells for about $1,300.

All four units feature solid steel cabinets to minimize vibration, easy-to-change pre-filter and secondary bag filters, and a powder-coat paint finish. Each comes with a pre-installed 5 micron pre-filter and 1 micron inner bag filter. A diffuser panel on the exhaust that reduces turbulent noise can be replaced with an additional filter for greater efficiency or with a charcoal filter to eliminate odors, the company says.

Contact: Rikon Power Tools. Tel: 877-884-5167.

This article originally appeared in the March 2012 issue.

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