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New Venture Nesting CNC from Techno

A) Venture Nesting Series

Techno CNC Systems has added the new Venture Nesting machine to its fleet of CNC routers. Ideal for cutting parts from laminated plywood, melamine, MDF and hardwoods, the machine features a rigid all-steel frame and is loaded with features, says the company.

“The new Venture Nesting machine addresses a shortcoming in our machine product line. This new machine is the complete woodworking, custom millwork, cabinet nesting solution which includes a 12-hp tool changer with a rotary tool carousel for quick tool changes, nine-spindle drill bank, high-flow vacuum pod table, and an automatic material offload system. The machine also includes a 12” gantry which gives it greater flexibility. The usage of elevation pods or aggregate tools can be used,” says company president Roy Valentine.

Other features include helical rack-and-pinion drives, digital high-speed AC servo motor and an industrial-level Osai controller. The tool changer is air cooled and there’s a phenolic vacuum pod table. Becker vacuum pumps are standard on 4’ × 8’ and 5’ × 10’ models.

Valentine adds that while the router is primarily designed for sheet processing, it’s not limited to manufacturing only cabinet boxes.

“This machine can route solid wood furniture components, MDF and solid wood entry doors, surface wood slabs, and just about any ornate product the company needs to manufacture. In addition, this machine can route other materials besides wood, such as plastic, aluminum, and foam, to name a few,” he says.

Machines can be fitted with full material handling, including auto loading and labeling, and more.

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This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue.

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