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Hendrick panel saws focus on safe cuts

Hendrick Mfg. Corp. has introduced two new vertical panel saws — the GoSaw and ProCut — for a safer approach to cutting sheet goods, whether in the shop or at the job site, according to company vice president Jeff Grant.

The ProCut.

“These types of units are a lot safer than what you typically see in a woodshop, which is a table saw. With these, you’re not pushing material through an exposed blade; instead, you’re moving the saw over the material. It’s easier to control the GoSaw and ProCut than a table saw in terms of operator’s functions.”

The GoSaw is a portable saw that supports cross-, rip and bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. It’s offered in two models: the GoSaw 8, which supports 4’ x 8’ panels and weighs about 70 lbs., and the GoSaw 10, which supports 5’ x 10’ panels and weighs about 80 lbs.

Grant says the most important features of the GoSaw are the portability and stability it provides for those with limited work space, small budgets or mobile operations.

The GoSaw.

“The GoSaw is lightweight, yet rugged. It has a strong panel support. On the crosscut for the GoSaw, your material remains stationary. This is advantageous because it prevents the material remains from being scratched or chipped, and also prevents you from having to maneuver the material, which can be heavy depending on size and application.”

The GoSaw is offered with the Bosch CS10 circular saw for $2,495.

The ProCut offers the benefits of a moving column vertical panel saw without the hefty price tag, according to Grant. Stationary models include the ProCut 8 for 4’ x 8’ sheets and the ProCut 10 for 5’ x 10’ sheets. The ProCut has a plunge capacity of 1-1/2” and both models can bevel-cut up to 45 degrees.

The ProCut’s bottom rail features moveable workpiece supports. It is also fitted with an easy-to-read measurement system and comes complete with solid bearings, cable management and dust port.

The ProCut is offered with the Festool TS-55 circular saw for $7,475.

Contact: Hendrick Mfg. Corp. Tel: 978-741-3600.

This article originally appeared in the March 2012 issue.

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