Grizzly planer leaves some room to move

With Grizzly’s new 12-1/2” benchtop planer, model GO790, woodworkers can easily prepare stock without taking up much space in their shops. Weighing only 65 lbs., the planer is also portable and ideal for jobsite applications, says the company.

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“This is pretty much for hobbyists and woodworkers with small businesses who want to get a planer, but don’t have the money or the space to put a full-size 15” machine in their shop,” product manager Todd Ransom says.

Distinguishing it from a standard-size planer, he points out the maximum planing width on this model is 12-1/2” and that it features a 2-hp, 110-volt, single-phase universal motor.

“But the pricepoint is the main benefit here. Selling at $285, it allows you to get a planer without spending thousands. The next size up, a 15” planer, is around $1,150 and they go up from there. With this, you can still do a wide range of general planing applications.”

The planer also features a 12-3/4” long and 12-1/2” wide steel table and built-in dust collection system with a 2-3/8” diameter dust port. It is sold with two reversible steel knives.

Contact: Grizzly Industrial. Tel: 800-523-4777, www.grizzly.com

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue.

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