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Freud rolls out new panel-saw blade series

Freud added a large-diameter LSBX series of panel saw blades, including 16 sizes that range from 460- to 680mm in diameter.

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The blades are manufactured with Freud’s proprietary TiCo Hi-Density carbide and Silver ICE (Industrial Cooling Element) coating that leaves a slick surface on the blade body to reduce heat and drag, according to the company.

“The big breakthrough here was the accuracy in the plate for us,” product manager Greg Neer says. “We also made a slight change to the anti-vibration feature, which helps us make sure the blade runs a little truer from a placement standpoint. We are able to dial in the tension a little more accurately than the LSB series. There are some very specific proprietary things in the blade itself that we want to keep from competitors but really enhance the performance of the blade.

“These blades save manufacturing facilities a significant amount of money if they buy several hundred sets of blades a year. They can also increase efficiency by reducing the amount of rework since there is no chipping and no scrap. And anytime somebody has to shut down a saw — the life and blood of the shop — not only are they not being productive, but there are lots of safety issues that go with blade changes.”

The LSBX blades sell for about $200 to $450 each.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue.

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