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Amana Tool router bits coated for longer life

Amana Tool, a producer of specialized solid-carbide and carbide-tipped cutting tools, has a new line of CNC router bits with a special coating for extended tool life. The Spektra bits feature a nanocomposite coating, giving them extreme nano-hardness and heat resistance, according to the company.

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The coating, which Amana refers to as “nACo” by registered trademark, is a micro-thin ceramic material that has a multicolor tint and provides improvements in several critical aspects of router tooling, product manager Frank Misiti says. One highlight is that it enables the tool’s cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity for longevity and enhanced cutting quality.

“Some of the early coatings that target the wood industry had a tendency to be thick and woodworkers in particular like their tools to be super sharp; they can’t afford to be ‘blunted down’ in some manner,” Misiti says.

The Spektra coating also provides longevity by preventing high heat and oxidation to the tool, which can be harmful to tool life and performance.

“While other coating options are an upgrade in overall surface hardness versus an uncoated tool, one also needs a coating that acts as a heat barrier. At the end of the day it’s heat, pure and simple, that ruins the highest quality of cutting tools.

“Spektra easily approaches a hardness of 4,500 Vickers when uncoated carbide measures perhaps 1,700 Vickers. These numbers mean little to anyone except the fellow looking for maximum production out of his compression router bit. These are the individuals that appreciate up to 2.5 to 3 times or more tool life, with perhaps the possibility of achieving another .001” or .002” chip load per tooth,” Misiti says.

The Spektra line includes solid-carbide compression bits for use on MDF and laminates and solid-carbide “O” flute tools for use on acrylic materials, other plastics and wood. The multicolored hues will dissipate upon use, but the coating will remain fully effective, according to the company.

Spektra solid-carbide spiral and compression bits are available in a variety of sizes for under $40 each. They are also available in a five-piece kit (item No. AMS-182-K).

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This article originally appeared in the June 2017 issue.

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