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The Perfect Cut Can Be Ridiculously Easy to Achieve

Casework just got a whole lot easier.

Welcome to 5th generation CNC technology – no thinking needed, no backbreaking work, and the ability to create beautiful products by just pressing a few buttons! That’s what the Python XPR brings to the woodshop. This CNC router makes it ridiculously easy to make perfect cuts every time. From loading sheet stock to spoil-board cleaning and rapid cuts, or parts marking and unloading, the Python takes away all the heavy lifting and critical thinking required of a skilled operator.

Python_ primary photo

The loading and unloading tables and robotic arms eliminate back-breaking work, so there’s no heavy lifting. Working Lists lets a shop queue hundreds of jobs one after the other as if on autopilot, so the Python XPR delivers essentially driverless operation. And it’s designed to work in tandem with post-processing machines and conveyors, so it’s work-cell ready.

Employees and owners enjoy a ridiculously easy user experience because there’s no G-code knowledge or experience needed to operate the Python XPR. The graphical interface is on a 21" touch screen, which controls all functions including turning the vacuum on and off. No machine homing is needed, and technical support can be done remotely with minimal wait times. Even buying a Python XPR is easy with CNC Factory’s Easy Pay program that includes 1-day approval and no credit check.

Python_ secondary photo

Woodshops investing in a Python XPR don’t just cut materials perfectly. They also cut training hours, rejects, the time required for tasks such as loading and unloading – and even the paperwork required to own this incredibly configurable machine that can make perfect cuts in any size of wood, acrylic, or light metal.

The fully loaded Python will demo at the Wood Pro Expo in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from October 14-15, 2021. Stop by and see for yourself how ridiculously easy it is to operate.


Phone: (714) 581-5999

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