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Endless possibilities with FlexArm

FlexArm is a mechanical arm with endless possibilities and can be customized to suit any application, according to the IWF exhibitor.

“A variety of motor capacities, working range, and mobility options allows us to design a FlexArm to suit our customer’s needs,” the company said in a statement. “The versatility doesn’t stop there. The FlexArm mounts on a pedestal, table, cart, or a magnetic base. Use it to tap and drill holes, counter balance heavy tools, or part manipulation.

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“Heavy tool use means injured and fatigued workers, inconsistent results and mistakes. Our main goal is to ensure perpendicularity while taking tool weight and torque out of the hands of the operator, for an almost ‘weightless tool’ experience. It increases productivity, reduces fatigue, and operator error. 

“We've created solutions for sanders, screw guns, insert drivers, routers, and more. We design, manufacture, and test all the custom end effectors in house before shipping the complete solution to our customers.”

For more, visit IWF booth No. 7739 and

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