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Well, at least wood floats

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You’d think nothing could be more welcome than saying hello to an early spring thaw. You’d be wrong.

Winter brought a last-gasp blast through the Mid-Ohio Valley this week, but the way it played out brought havoc to my shop. It started with two days of rain, then a sudden dip in the temperature of more than 30 degrees. The rain froze on the waterlogged ground, and then turned to snow that accumulated up to a foot and more in my neighborhood. Yesterday was winter wonderland.

But then the temperature started rising, promising a nice thaw. The trouble is that the underlying ice channeled melt-off water in directions it normally doesn’t flow, including uphill and under my garage door.

When I discovered this it had already spread through half my shop. It wasn’t deep – it was really just “spill” depth – but it had managed to work its way about 15' down one side of the shop, extending maybe 5' to 7' or so into the room. Fortunately, that side of the shop is where my lumber rack and a couple mobile machines are parked so the water flowed underneath it all. I did have a few cardboard boxes under the lumber rack, so those were a soggy mess.

Before cleaning up the mess I had to first spend an hour outside the house digging out where the water was coming from so it would channel away from the garage. Then it was another hour of mopping and wiping up the spill, then discarding any waterlogged items that were in the path of the deluge.

Still, as much trouble as it was, I have to look at the bright side. They bottom line, after all, is that the winter from hell is finally coming to an end.



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