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Too much stuff

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I have too much of a good thing. Nice problem to have, you say? Not when you start running out of room to put the good things.

It this particular case, the good thing is too many finished projects. The book I’m wrapping up has 24 woodworking projects I’ve built and photographed. But until the book goes to, and comes back from, the printer – a process with a turnaround of a few months – I can’t do anything with those projects.

Just in case something happens on the publisher’s end I have to keep them in pristine condition so I can reshoot one or more of them if need be. (I learned this the hard way, when I once had to remake an entire project just to take a single photo. Never again.) So for the next several months I have 24 projects of various sizes scattered around my house and shop.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time parting with projects. Sure, after a book comes out many of those project become gifts for family and friends, and I give some away to local charities and such. But I still tend to keep things I made, so consider:

My book that came out last year also had 24 projects. The year before that I had two books with 17 and 25 projects, respectively. Over the same period of time I did several projects for magazines, so the total number of completed projects around here is ridiculous.

No, I’m not a candidate for one of those hoarder TV shows – our home is neat and tidy, and while my shop and office can get messy during busy periods I also keep them in order. But I seriously have to find some way to get over my reluctance to get rid of stuff I make.



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