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They’re new, and they’re nice

I love new tools, but two that I’ve gotten in recent months have proven to be real keepers.

Admit it, you love buying new tools. We all do. But once the newness wears off, new tools usually get put away with the rest of our arsenal. Oh, sure, they remain as useful as ever, but their shine kind of disappears.

But of all the tools I’ve picked up this year, there are two that I haven’t put away yet. I just keep them on my countertop for easy grabbing. The first is a cordless pin nailer, the other a cordless biscuit joiner.

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You already know I love cordless, but that’s not the main reason I love these two tools. Starting with that pin nailer, I was already a huge fan of those. I do a lot of trim, and pin nailers are fast and work almost invisibly. And working alone, a pin nail here or there – especially during glue-ups – is the best third hand you’ll ever have. The fact that this one is cordless means I don’t have to fire up the compressor and drag that hose everywhere. As a bonus, it also means I can use it anywhere in the house at a moment’s notice.

I have an old detail biscuit joiner that I used mainly for small frames and such. Never really bought into using biscuits to strengthen edge joints for panel creation, since those are already among the strongest joints there are.

But as a bit of arthritis in my hands has begun to make it more difficult to keep large panel glue-ups aligned while getting clamps positioned, tossing a few biscuits into an edge joint means I never have to worry about alignment again. Buying that Makita cordless biscuit joiner was one of the best purchases I made in recent years. It’s a lot of fun to use, and my aging hands are thankful.

I’m sure I’ll still buy new tools whenever I think I can get away with it (read: when Sally’s out of town), but I doubt I’ll get any that will prove to be as useful as these two – or earn a permanent spot out on my counter.

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