Stay in touch


There’s an old expression: Out of sight, out of mind. People will not do business with you if they do not know you are there. Even people who have done business with you in the past tend to forget about you once the current transaction is completed. Staying in sight is important.

It used to be that the only real option was advertising in local publications. This always involved sales representatives, layout artists and costly marketing campaigns. And there was no guarantee that people would even see your ad or even that they would read whatever publication your ad was placed in.

These days we have some other options. Email campaigns are easy to produce using online resources like Constant Contact or Vertical Response that allow you to target your audience.

It’s important to avoid overusing these resources. People are already inundated with sales calls and ads and don’t appreciate the flood of unwanted pressure. But an occasional “heads up” or a “special offer” from someone they have already done business with can go far to bring in more work and can be literally be done on your coffee break.

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That’s for me to know …

There have been numerous times throughout my woodworking career when people have asked me how I do this or that. Sometimes it’s just curiosity. Sometimes it’s some who wants to do it themselves and is in need of guidance. And, sometimes it’s a competitor who has underbid a job he doesn’t really know how to do.


The big push in today’s market place is toward automation. Most large industries are already at least partially automated with CNC machines and robotics performing work formerly done by people.

It can’t be done

In our business we are often asked to do things a bit differently than we’re used to. People want to individualize their projects. They don’t want to pay premium prices for something that looks just like what they could have bought at the local furniture store.