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No time for a picnic

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It’s Labor Day weekend, for all who celebrate. I plan to celebrate by laboring.

My shop build is coming along nicely and the contractors have almost wrapped up. As I’d planned all along, the contractors would do their thing with the overall framing and electrical, plus the finish work for my office. After that, I’d take over with the rest of the drywall, mud, taping, paint, finish and trim work on the shop portions of the basement. (Not to mention building/installing cabinets, shelves and other shop infrastructure.)

The contractors aren’t quite done, but with the holiday weekend here they won’t be back till at least Tuesday or Wednesday. With that in mind, I thought I’d jump in and get an early start on all the work that was on my part of the list. As a bonus, I’ll borrow some of the stuff they have down there to get the job started – what’s down there is materials I’ve paid for, so I guess it’s mine – and pick up whatever else I need at the local Big Box.

I’m excited because this is the official beginning of part two of the shop build for me. Part one started the day after I closed on the house. With the house completely vacant and two weeks to go before the movers came, I immediately began cleaning and prepping the empty basement, and did a full epoxy floor treatment. That was a big portion of my work, but my forward progress had to stop while the contractors did their thing.

Now that their work is nearly done, I’m eager to get going on part two. Sure, it’s the Labor Day holiday weekend, which is the perfect time to play and not work.

But for me, judging by the amount of fun I’m about to have I can’t really call this labor.


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