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Buying local

It has been estimated that doing business with local businesses generates up to 70 percent more local economic activity than buying from big box stores.

Local businesses also produce much less waste and environmental pollution that the big chain stores due mostly to the fact that transportation and packaging plays a much smaller role in getting product into people's hands.

This is a good selling point for any local small shop. It means that more of the cost paid by the customer can be put into product quality which is, in itself, a good thing for the customer. So even if the customer is acting from a position of enlightened self-interest, it is better to buy from a local shop than from a large manufacturer.

We are seeing a much higher level of concern for these issues now that we saw ten years ago. Some might suggest that it is a case of too little, too late. But, even so, there is always room for additional motivation when trying to convince someone that it is better to have their work done by a small local shop than spending their resources on manufactured products made overseas and shipped into this country.


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