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A good sign

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I’m getting new neighbors, always an iffy situation. What will they be like? I’m not sure, but I think I have an idea.

Last week, someone bought the house next to ours, and Sally and I have been wondering just what kind of neighbor he’ll be. Our former neighbors, with whom we’re still in touch, know very little of him save that he’s a retired single man.

Well, that sounds positive. Since retirement these days doesn’t necessarily mean “old,” he’s probably closer to our ages than not. And at that age there’s not likely to be noisy teenagers partying over there, so that’s a plus. But what will he be like? Keep in mind that we already have The Neighbor From Hell living across the street, so the odds of him being as bad as that bleach-blonde harpy are probably small. But still, new neighbors are always a wildcard.

He hasn’t moved in fully – no big moving van has spent the day unloading yet – but he’s been by a few times to unload things, meet the cable and utility people, that sort of thing. I got a glimpse of him once and while he wasn’t there long enough to walk over and introduce myself, he seemed normal enough.

But the real clue came two days ago. I was heading out and so couldn’t stop, but as I drove past the house I saw him and another guy – a friend or family member, I assume – helping him unload some things from a pickup truck.

And, lo and behold, the item they were carrying into the garage was a small table saw. I didn’t get a really good look as I drove by, but it was clear that it was mounted on what appeared to be a nice shop-made rolling cabinet. Not a casual table saw user, then, but someone obviously uses it frequently. A woodworker.

Knowing that one fact alone, I think I’m going to like this guy.



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