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I have been putting a lot of time into finding outlets for my turned pieces. I met with the owner of a gallery in Davis the other day. It's a pretty prestigious gallery here in northern California, which shows a lot of well known artists.

They seemed to especially like the flower forms and they took eight of them to display. It's not really the type of stuff they typically deal in so it's kind of a crap shoot for them and for me, too.

When I was at the gallery, there was a very well respected art appraiser there also (purely serendipitous) and she was helping us set the pricing. She said that in "good times" the prices would be much higher. But they still stuck some pretty hefty price tags on them.

I have no idea if these pieces will sell at these prices and neither does the gallery owner, since he has never shown this type of work before. But I figure they might as well be there as gathering dust in my living room. Got my fingers crossed.


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