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Powerful CNC Solutions from KCD Software

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“We’ve taken thousands of our custom cabinet and closet users through the software onboarding process with their first machines,” says Ken Frye of KCD Software. “We want new CNC owners to feel confident that they can do it. If they want to run the machine themselves – there are a few things to learn – but nothing they can’t pick up quickly. We know first-hand that no one can afford a big learning curve in our industry, that’s why we developed CNC Commander to work the way it does.”

KCD Software’s 2D and 3D design to CNC manufacturing solution is recognized as the leading software for ease of use, growth and support. The software excels in creating custom kitchens, baths, closets, pantries, offices, and more for residential and commercial cabinetry and storage solutions.

“Our customers love the ease of sending their custom designs straight to machining. The software generates detailed, dimensioned drawings, elevations, floor plans, 3D renderings, material requirements, cut lists, estimates and proposals,” says Ken. “With KCD Software’s One-Button Machining, Commander automatically generates the CNC machine code [G code] for their CNC routers to run.”

Commander’s CNC Manager features allows users to group multiple jobs together, change rotation of parts, and piece quantities for each run increasing profitability by achieving better yields. Custom one-off pieces can be easily modified in the KCD Parts Viewer.

CNC-related features include:

  • Nested sheet reports
  • Auto part marker
  • CNC parts viewer and editor
  • Intelligent small part strategies (tabs, onionskins)
  • Automatic tooling and tool path generation
  • Check sheet sizes to fit machine
  • CNC Manager for job, part & material management
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“Every custom business is different,” says co-owner Tara Murphy, “so we’ve developed KCD Software to work with hundreds of machine companies to provide users with the largest selection of equipment, software tie-ins and tools for their unique design to manufacturing needs.” KCD Software’s tie-ins with optimization software, laser measurement software, management software, stop gauge systems and other specialized equipment make it easy to craft the best software solution to meet their needs.

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“We also provide tremendous support to the custom closet design and storage manufacturing industry,” says Tara. In KCD Software, the closet manufacturing details are parametrically pre-set for accuracy. For the designers, rules are set in “allowed sizes” to keep them within system parameters – making the transition from design to manufacturing painless. Advantages include:

  • Faster design to manufacturing
  • More accuracy, fewer mistakes
  • Design freedom: details are pre-set
  • Greater scalability: easier to add operators and designers
  • Flexibility to edit cut list details for each job

Whether making a single cut or multi-sheet project using KCD Software, Commander automatically processes your parts, eliminating the extra costs of a dedicated programmer. Commander also includes:

  • A custom post for your CNC router
  • One-on-one live tech support
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • The ability to rent by the month* (on/off)

To order KCD Software visit or contact their Customer Support Team at 508-760-1140


KCD Software
(508) 760-1140

*After initial 3 month set up

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