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Never lose cut parts again! New CNC Factory DeLuche Marking Tool works with ANY CNC

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The forward thinking minds of CNC Factory have launched the all new DeLuche Vision Marking Tool for any CNC. The Deluche Marking Tool marks post production instructions, such as edge banding, directly on cut components. This marking tool fits directly into your tool-holder and ready to use with current cabinet cutting software. Human mistakes are eliminated because the directions are right on the cut components. No more production stopping or hard to read prints to marks edges. Use one marking tool for each set of instructions you want printed on cut boards.

“This is a no-thinking production game changer!” Chris Corrales, inventor of the DeLuche Marking Tool, says. “You can use one tool for edge banding instructions, two tools if you want to add fastener inserting locations, and another tool to add instructions for something else such as door boring locations.”

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The instructions easily wipe away with an alcohol swab with no leftover residue. Each Deluche Marking Tool sells for $679 and will fit onto your current tool holder of any CNC machine using ¼” shank.

“With this marking tool you will stay organized, no thinking and never lose track of your components,” Corrales explains. “If you buy one, you’ll wish you bought three!”

Purchase the DeLuche Vision Marker Tool at or call 714.581.5999


P 714.581-5999
F 714-581-6004

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