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HOMAG SANDTEQ W-100 - Wide Belt Sander


Stiles Machinery offers you a wide range of sanding solutions including the entry-level HOMAG SANDTEQ W-100 Wide Belt Sander. Used as a single-belt machine or with two sanding units, the SANDTEQ W-100 offers an efficient solution for all or your sanding tasks. Whether you are sanding solid wood or veneer, the SANDTEQ W-100 series is packed full of valuable standard features that are designed to get the job done quickly and consistently. This machine comes with high-quality feed belts, a touchscreen operator terminal and easy access points when you need to change the belt. This model is an affordable way to automate your sanding production from hand-sanding. Contact 616-698-7500 for more information.


Stiles brings you the next generation in dust collection with the Belfab RG series. This enclosed modular dust collector is equipped with a continuous pulse jet cleaning system with capacities ranging from 1500 to 5000 CFM. Designed for safe interior installation, it meets North American safety regulations by incorporating flameless venting and fire extinguishing systems. The unit’s fan is equipped with a variable speed drive which controls the airflow while maximizing energy efficiency. Operator-friendly features like easy start/stop buttons and a HMI (Human Machine Interface) make it easy to monitor the airflow performance and maintain optimal filter efficiency. Suitable for sanding, cutting, molding, milling and routing applications.

Contact 616-698-7500 for more information.



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