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Dovetails…an Impressive and Now Cost-Effective Joint

Cabinet Pro New Dovetail Feature included in all CNC versions ~ Just design your cabinets and let the CNC do the rest.
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  • No additional labor cost when produced on a CNC router!
  • The end result is high quality drawers
  • Just design your cabinets and let the CNC do the rest
  • Increase profits
  • Without more overhead
  • Best part of all is that it's a standard feature for all CNC options!

Step by step process for full or half blind dovetail machining with Cabinet Pro Software:

  1. Down shear tool makes two different dados: one set of dados cutting all the way thru the panel to create a space for the upcoming special dovetail tool at the edges of each drawer end, and a second set of dados cutting the tails on our drawer sides down to a more shallow depth so that they fit as half blind dovetails.
  2. Same tool will zig zag around the pins cutting the entire profile of the tails and pins on the drawer sides.
  3. Change to special dovetail tool that will use the space just created to plunge into and move from one dovetail to another while moving in and out of each tail to leave the spacing that will define the shape of the pins.

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