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CENTATEQ N-300 - CNC Machining Center


The HOMAG CENTATEQ N-300 Series CNC routers from Stiles Machinery offer quality machining capabilities for manufacturers of all sizes. From skilled craftsman to networked industrial production, each N300 Series solution can be configured to meet your specific trade and production related needs whether you are routing and vertical drilling panel materials for cabinetry, doors and drawers, closet and storage solutions, furniture, store fixtures, work surfaces, plastics, composites and aerospace. This machine has a new compact design that takes up 30% less floor space. Available in 4' x 8', 5' x 10', 5' x 12' table sizes, all of the CENTATEQ N-300 models are constructed with an extremely durable foundation to accommodate the router's high-speed capabilities while ensuring the machine's accuracy and longevity. Windows-based woodWOP software is a standard feature for maximum flexibility and easy integration with popular design software packages. Other features include an automated tool changer with integrated loading device, high speed drilling blocks. Enhance your throughput with multiple material handling configurations also available with this machine. Contact 616-698-7500 for more information.



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