Bessey Tools debuts new IBeam clamp

besseyBessey Tools added its version of an I-beam style clamp, called the IBeam, to fill a product void after Pony Tools suspended operations in May 2016.

“[Pony Tools] had a series of products that were truly unique to them and one of them was the I-beam style clamp,” Bessy vice president of marketing Andrew Fera says

bessey_closeup“They had a real focus on woodworking that people really recognized and appreciated. When they ceased operations we knew there was going to be a hole in the market for a durable clamp and we filled that hole with our version of the IBeam clamp with a few changes and upgrades,” Fera says.

“We nickel-plated the rail so it resists corrosion and made it a little more precise, but we kept all of the things that really made the IBeam the IBeam. It’s crazy-durable, crazy-strong and there’s not a lot of flex when you’re clamping down on something because the bar is so incredibly robust. It can handle a tremendous amount of pressure and resists bending or twisting.”

The clamp features a throat depth of 2” and jaw width of 1-3/4”. It is available in eight lengths, ranging from 24” to 96”.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue.

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