Bosch debuts its Axial-Glide system

21_bosch_01Bosch Power Tools has put a fresh spin on the sliding compound miter saw with its new 12" model. No, it doesn't spin like a top; it slides as it glides.

The saw, model GCM12SD, features the company's new Axial-Glide system, which replaces the sliding rails found on traditional miter saws with a hinged or articulating arm design. And since there aren't any rails to protrude from the back of the saw, the footprint has been reduced.

"The glide system operates by folding the articulated arm flush with the back of the saw, saving up to 12" of workspace versus a traditional sliding compound miter saw and enabling the saw to be operated with almost no clearance behind it," explains Bosch product manager Jason Feldner.

Twelve sealed ball bearings are the secret, ensuring smooth travel and precise control of the miter and bevel angles for the life of the tool, according to Feldner. Bosch has even included a glide damper, allowing the user to increase or decrease the glide action to meet their preference.

The saw can cut a 14" flat board and 6-1/2" baseboard or crown molding, according to Bosch.

This saw also offers some standout features from previous Bosch models, such as upfront bevel controls.

"The bevel controls are located in the front so there is no need for reaching behind the saw to make adjustments. This makes adjustments a whole lot easier, quicker and more accurate," says Feldner.

Another carryover feature is the squarelock quick-release fence system, which automatically aligns at 90 degrees to the table with no additional adjustment. Cast-in scales and the ability to attach sacrificial fences or jigs also enhance the feature.

The Axial-Glide saw sells for $799.

Contact: Bosch Power Tools. Tel: 877-267-2499.

This article originally appeared in the August 2010 issue.

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2 Wednesday, 06 October 2010 04:31
Mike V. Bennett
Well Larry,
In the Shop You May Have A Point. However, I can Tell You that On the Site, This Monster Wins Hand-Down! From TJI's to Crown Molding, Nothing Has Worked This Well Since My Old Hot-Roded Delta Saw-Buck. Perfect, Precise & Clean Cuts Saves A Lot Of Time, So A Bit Of Sweeping At the End Of The Day, Is Well Worth It!
1 Thursday, 09 September 2010 17:19
Sounds great yet the saw maker's keep missing the point and that is dust collecting. If it doesn't collect almost 100% of the dust who would buy it? It's about dust collecting anymore and nothing else because all saws cut wood one way or another and they all do a good job at it. You can't find a sliding compound miter saw that collects almost 100% of the dust. Get cracking and build a compound miter saw that collects the dust.
Dust, Dust collecting.