Carter debuts its AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig

18_carter_01Carter Products makes it possible to cut perfect circles - as large as 4' in diameter - on a band saw with the new AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig.

"Circle cuts are traditionally done with a router," says Carter's Lee Perez. "That method, however, tends to be cumbersome as it requires spoil boards underneath the workpiece in addition to a jig with a center point for the router to go around.

"Our unit has a sliding center point where the entire jig stays stationary. With most of the competitors' jigs, the entire jig moves. The AccuRight has a center point that moves forward to help you get to the center point of the rotational pin. It locks in place with magnets and then you cut your circle from there."

The jig attaches to the band saw's table with two supplied clamps, which fit nearly every band saw on the market. It can also be attached with Carter's universal Mag Fence, a magnetic fence that attaches to most ferrous metal tables regardless of the size. The Mag Fence is available in 16" and 19-1/2" models.

As mentioned, the circle cutting jig will cut circles up to 4' in diameter, but the three sides of the T-shaped jig that fall off the band saw table must be properly supported. The circle thickness is only limited by a saw's resaw capacity. The jig can also be used with any blade guard, full block or bearing.

The AccuRight Circle Cutter sells for $49.95. Product demonstrations are available online at www.carter

Contact: Carter Products, 2871 Northridge Dr. N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49544. Tel: 888-622-7837.

This article originally appeared in the January 2010 issue.
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1 Monday, 15 March 2010 20:25
Carl Friedrich
This jig is well made and designed, with two exceptions:
If you have a Powermatic, or other band saw with the extended table there is no instruction for this problem..Solution is to simply take a peice of 3/4 plywood, cut a dado to fit the jig, clamp it to the table to secure the jig & line up the "0", I found the pivot point hard to use so I replaced it with a longer one, same thread that I use on the router table and drill a hole to match part way or completely thru