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Zeus 990 vision level

Wednesday, 01 April 2009 13:40

ZEUS 990 VISION LEVEL from Kapro features the company’s patented Plumb Site Dual-View vial system, a magnified horizontal vial, air-cushioned shockproof end caps, two milled surfaces and non-stick Keflon coating. Designed for professional contractors, the Zeus 990 model incorporates an illuminated horizontal vial for work in low-light environments. The level measures 66mm wide x 30mm deep and has a wall thickness of at least 2.1mm on milled surfaces. The epoxy-locked vials have a calibrated accuracy of 0.0005" per inch, or 0.029 degrees, for the life of the level. Kapro’s Zeus 990 Vision Level is offered in nine sizes from 24" to 96", ranging in price from $100 to $300 for non-magnetic models, and $120 to $320 for magnetic models. Contact: Kapro Tools, 251 Enterprise Drive, Lake Mills, WI 53551. Tel: 920-648-2900.



Cadex CB18.50 brad nailer

Wednesday, 01 April 2009 13:38

CADEX CB18.50 BRAD NAILER from Direct Sales Ltd. is designed for the production of furniture, doors, windows, trim, moldings, beading, boat applications and upholstering. The 18-gauge nailer has a built-in blow gun, anti-dry fire mechanism, large magazine sight window and convenient side-loading magazine that doesn’t require adjustment when changing fastener size, according to the distributor. The CB18.50 shoots brad nails up to 2" (50mm), and it features a 360-degree movable coupler and a combination trigger that allows for single or bounce fire. The nailer weighs 2.98 lbs., comes with a carry case and is priced at $199.99. Contact: Direct Sales Ltd., 3605 Commercial St., Vancouver, BC VSN 4G1. Tel: 604-876-9909.



Rockler all-terrain mobile tool base

Thursday, 12 March 2009 00:00

ROCKLER ALL-TERRAIN MOBILE TOOL BASE has 5" diameter urethane casters, each with a kick-down lock, that can roll over cracks, cords and changes in surface, regardless of load weight, according to the company. The base has an 800-lb. load capacity and an adjustable steel frame (18" x 18" to 28" x 28"), and sells for $189. Optional stretcher sets are available, providing a base length of up to 50".Contact: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Tel: 877-762-5537.



Dremel multi-max oscillating tool system

Tuesday, 10 March 2009 00:00

DREMEL MULTI-MAX OSCILLATING TOOL SYSTEM is suited for various projects that involve remodeling, repair and restoration, according to the company. The Multi-Max tool has a side-to-side motion with a variable speed of 10,000 to 21,000 oscillations per minute. The Multi-Max is powered by a 1.5-amp motor and designed for cutting, grinding, scraping and grout removal. The Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool System consists of the Multi-Max tool, three sanding sheets, 3/4" wood flush cut blade, 3" wood and drywall saw blade, hook and loop pad, flexible scraper and carrying case. It is available at national retail outlets for about $100. Contact: Dremel. Tel: 800-437-3635.



Hardwood work benches

Monday, 09 March 2009 17:43

HARDWOOD WORK BENCHES, from General International, include a 54" x 21" birch-top model and a 60" x 30" adjustable-height oak-top version. Each bench has a 13" x 6" front, end vises with 4" of travel, a double row of bench dog holes for each vise, four non-marking bench dogs, and a wooden stopper. The smaller bench stands 31-3/4" high, weighs 66 lbs., and features a laminated 1" birch top and hardwood support frame with a storage shelf. The larger bench has a laminated 1"-thick oak table with a 3" apron, steel legs, built-in storage drawer with a steel shelf and weighs 154 lbs. The height can be adjusted from 33" to 39". The birch-top bench, model 95-054, sells for $349 and the oak bench, model 95-060, is priced at $659. Contact: General International, 8360, du Champ-d’Eau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H1P 1Y3. Tel: 514-326-1161.


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