December 2014


News Desk

Maloof event allows military vets to heal.

Maine trade group gains training grant.

WOOD MARKETS: Walnut sales boosted by recent design trends.

Tools & Techniques

Pros value utility in their favorite shop equipment.

Micro Fence offers new plunge base.

Bosch Tools debuts series of new shop vacuums.

Sherwin-Williams rolls out powder-coating system.

Microvellum software makes 3-D modeling easier.


THE CUTTING EDGE: Spindles and automatic tool changers. By R.W. Lee

FINISHING: Working with bleach. By Greg Williams

PRO SHOP: Material handling. By John English


STAYING AHEAD OF THE GAME: Beech Tree Woodworks in Washington is ready to expand after weathering the recent downturn.

KEEPING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER: Equipment maintenance can be a real pain in the you-know-where, but it can save you a lot of money.

BUILT TO LAST: Gary Grubb’s 50-year-old Virginia shop has experienced employees, a loyal customer base and a son waiting in the wings.