March 2017

wsn0317_175News Desk

New trends stand out in NKBA survey.

Furniture makers group honors New Hampshire man.

Training center schedules August opening in Colorado.

WOOD MARKETS: Rosewood sales steady despite recent restrictions.


PRO SHOP: Remain in control. By David Getts

THE CUTTING EDGE: Cabinet Vision software. By R.W. Lee

FINISHING: Stripping solvents face ban. By Bob Flexner

Tools & Techniques

Vitap unveils CNC for sound-absorbing panels.

Bosch says Core battery provides more power.

Pillar Machine revamps CMJ coping machine.

Senco adds line of composite fasteners.

SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY: Desktop CNC technology is advancing rapidly, so here’s how to keep up.


KING OF THE HILL: Hawk Hill Cabinetry & Custom Woodwork in Vermont finds a cabinetmaking niche with vacation homes.

NO TURNING BACK NOW: Even with changes in the EPA, companies are banking on environmentally-sound finishing products.

ALL ON THE TABLE: The innovation and variety of table saws and their capabilities continues to grow.