October 2014

wsn175_1014News Desk

IWF 2014 buoyed by continued growth.

Six honored at IWF with Challengers Awards.

High quality cited in Design Emphasis winners.

WCA continues credentialing program at IWF.

WOOD MARKETS: Cherry sales steady as housing improves slowly.

Tools & Techniques

SawStop crosscut accessory hits the market.

Freud rolls out new saw blades at IWF.

Next Wave Automation debuts router table accessory.

DeWalt expands its storage solution lineup.

Steel City Tool Works trims product line.

Cabinet Vision displays new 3-D software.

Bigger, better batteries are key to our future.


THE CUTTING EDGE: CNC from the ground up. By R.W. Lee

PRO SHOP: Take advantage of career turning points. By David Getts

FINISHING: Devising a test to hire a lead finisher. By Greg Williams


TRAILBLAZERS IN PORTLAND: Gordon Lundquist and Don Gunstone crossed paths 30 years ago and today their Oregon shop is a thriving enterprise.

IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION: Finding a solid CNC system involves envisioning what you want your shop to be in the future.

JUST LIKE NEW AGAIN: Alan Noel’s busy restoration business in the Atlanta suburbs thrives on juggling several jobs at once.