September 2016

wsn_0916_175News Desk

Stairbuilders group reaches agreement with AWI.

Cabinet Vision hosts automation seminars in Utah.

Furniture Society celebrates its 20th anniversary.

WOOD MARKETS: Walnut keeps up a steady selling pace.


FINISHING: ‘Smart’ coatings. By Bob Flexner

PRO SHOP: Back to solid surface. By Andrew Glantz

Tools & Techniques

Micro Jig unveils new dovetail clamps.

Vitap adds another glue option to Eclipse.

The RTA argument and how to turn it on its head.

Timesavers adds four-head sander.

Colonial Saw introduces CNC profile grinder.


PEAK PERFORMANCE: Dustin Sanders left a good-paying job to build his own woodworking business in the Rockies that caters to a wide array of needs.

LEAN, CLEAN AND SIMPLE: Those three guiding lights will drive your shop’s processes and help make business thrive.

FULL SPEED AHEAD: A 3-axis CNC machine is the right choice for most small shops, and its capabilities are impressive.