July 2016

wsn_0716_175News Desk

IWF 2016: Exhibitor wait list sign of ‘pent-up demand.’

Transitional design tops new trends survey.

WOOD MARKETS: Red oak enjoys home-court edge.

Tools & Techniques

DeWalt’s cordless planer features brushless motor.

TigerStop calipers help boost accuracy.

Jet Smart panel-processor produces precise results.

Virutex presents new panel joining system.


FINISHING: Helpful hints for applying water-based finishes. By Bob Flexner


GETTING A HANDLE ON HARDWARE: Some cabinet fixture trends are evolving to become sleeker and more functional, while others cherish form and whimsy.

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG BUSINESS: Volz, Clarke & Associates might be based in Massachusetts, but their variety of services sells big in New York City.

IT’S A FINE LINE: Your topcoating selection can come down to some essential issues, such as look, durability and cost.