December 2016

wsn_1216_175News Desk

Iraq vet opens Carolina shop with his wife.

Boston woodworking student honored with $1,000 scholarship.

WCA updates skill standards.

WOOD MARKETS: Price of cherry drops with low demand.


THE CUTTING EDGE: 3-D modeling programs.By R.W. Lee

PRO SHOP: An off-the-wall idea. By Abraham Tesser

FINISHING: Special effects. By Greg Williams

Tools & Techniques

AcromaPro debuts “whole package” of new finishes.

Teknatool adds to Nova lathe accessories.

Python XPR CNC lightens the load on the operator.

Ecogate’s GreenBox serves as a gatekeeper.

SUDDENLY SHARP: Keeping small tools smooth as a razor’s edge just got easier with these recent advances and products.


GROWTH SPURT: Boulder Mills has expanded by leaps and bounds in Colorado in only six years and now eyes a larger shop.

THE VIEW FROM 30,000 FEET: The woodworking industry is undergoing a quickening transformation, both technologically and economically, and change is here to stay.

UNDER PRESSURE: New clamps and hold-down devices solve problems to give woodworkers some relief.