August 2017

wsn_0817_175News Desk

Festool parent company buys SawStop.

AWI foundation announces scholarship winners.

WMIA education arm hands out scholarships.

WOOD MARKETS: Alder as an alternative sells well with consumers.


FINISHING: Back stories sell. By Greg Williams

PRO SHOP: Finding your niche. By David Getts

THE CUTTING EDGE: Rendering programs. By R.W. Lee

Tools & Techniques

Grex Power Tools debuts new brad nailer.

Safety Speed rolls out new screw-pocket machine model.

TigerStop adds AutoLoader to cross-cutting saw system.

ETemplate enhances ELaser Pro.


SANDING TSUNAMI: We show some true grit in determining the machines in a crowded marketplace that will offer you the most for a fair price.

FINDING HIS WAY IN WILMINGTON: Pete Steele’s four-man Delaware shop punches above its weight class, gaining business by finishing complex jobs.

STICKY BUSINESS: Choosing the correct adhesive can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

HOLD THE LINE AND MAKE THE CUT: Factors such as cost, availability and in-house expertise are playing larger roles in choosing a work-holding system.