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Software that opens new doors

Written by Jennifer Hicks Monday, 19 July 2010 00:00

36_software_01Woodworkers, including everyone from cabinetmakers to closet makers to carvers, greatly depend on the reliability and simplicity of their CAD programs. In turn, software design companies are continually enhancing their products and making them easier to use. These products can significantly boost productivity and the good news is they no longer require purchasers to have an engineering background. Perhaps the only dilemma is deciding which product to go with.



Split the difference

Written by John English Monday, 14 June 2010 00:00

39_split_01A cross between traditional miter saws and radial arm saws, the sliding compound miter saw handles all the jobs those other tools used to do - framing, base and case, crown molding, the works. While the blade ultimately determines the quality of a cut, the saws themselves offer a huge variety of features that affect the woodworker more than the wood.



There when the dust settles

Monday, 14 June 2010 00:00

34_harden_01Similar to many custom shop owners, Ralph Harden's woodworking career had humble beginnings. He worked as an engineer during the day and as a part-time woodworker at night. It wasn't until he landed a restaurant job 28 years ago that he sent his engineering career packing and became owner of a full-time woodworking business. That was the birth of The Harden House, currently a 12-person high-end cabinet shop in Clearwater, Fla. From the start, it was a sole proprietorship with just two employees, Harden and his wife, until he decided to take a leap.



Memories that last for generations

Written by Jennifer Hicks Monday, 14 June 2010 00:00

45_memoriesEven though standard and semi-custom furniture is built on the mass-production scale at Samuel S. Case Cabinetmakers, the business is committed to handmade quality and old-fashioned customer service. Owner Samuel Case enjoys managing his 16-man, 43,000-sq.-ft. woodworking facility nestled in an old apple-packing factory in Berryville, found in Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley.



Destiny’s door

Monday, 17 May 2010 00:00

46_destinyAs the grandson of an Italian master furniture maker and instrument builder, the son of a talented furniture maker and the nephew of two other furniture makers, Michael Vascimini's career was never in doubt. Despite his father's advice that he stay away from the family business and repeated recommendations that he become a doctor or a lawyer, Michael knew before he was a teenager that he wanted to build furniture for a living.



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