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There are three configurations in Felder’s 700 Series, two of them listed as professional. We’re not going to detail all the bits and pieces in the 700 Series, but let’s look at some of the major differences between it and the 500 Series models.

Felder’s 700 Series Combination machines include the CF 741, CF 741 Professional and the CF 741 S Professional.

Some changes appear small, such as four springs under tension that help raise the jointer table. In a long work day, that can be a large feature. The jointer is a 16" wide tool, so the tables are very heavy. The base model CF 741 has a two-speed feed for the planer, along with a digital-cut height indicator. The shaper has a 9" table opening, with speeds of 4,500, 6,000, 8,500 and 10,000 rpm. The table saw has a 51" cut length sliding table, along with a micro-adjustable fence. Like the CF 531 units, the working height of the 700 Series is 35", but the weight has now risen to 2,240 lbs.

The professional version adds a four-knife cutterhead to the jointer, along with a jump to 5-1/2-hp motors. Electric height adjustment is now included on the planer, and the sliding table is now 81" in cut length, with an outrigger for support. The weight is 2,440 lbs.

The S Professional is pretty much the same as the basic pro model, except that the slider is now 98" long.

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In our list of combo machines from several makers, we make no pretense of having covered them all, or all about any one. There are simply too many variations on the combo or multi-woodworking machine theme to allow that kind of coverage. With both Laguna and Felder in the full-bore category of combo machines, there’s also a list of options that will leave your eyes bugged out for a week after looking it over.

If you have any need for the more complex combo machines, we suggest reading everything about your categories, from basics through full-load options, checking prices (any prices listed here are subject to kicks in the teeth from rising and falling economies around the world, including our own). Talk to the people you’re buying from. They’ll work with you. Be as careful as you would with any other $8,000-or-more shop tool investment.