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General Tools and Instruments, a manufacturer of specialty hand tools, and test and measurement instruments, introduced several LED and digital moisture meters. The company’s MME1 LED model and MMD4E digital model are suited for various woodworking and lumber inspection applications and are powered by a single 9-volt battery.

“With the MM1E, some people like to look at the LEDs and get a relative reference point where the differentiation is about 2 percent at each point,” says Kevin Basso, spokesman for General Tools and Instruments. “The MMD4E will give you an exact digital reading of the moisture content. You insert the probes about 1/8" into the wood, maybe a bit deeper; but just enough to get into the wood fibers below the surface that you’re trying to check.”

The company also offers non-invasive moisture meters for applications such as fine woodworking, antique furniture restoration or polished wood surfaces (flooring, and expensive wood panels), where you don’t want to puncture holes.

The LED and digital moisture meters are priced at $32.95 and $54.95 respectively.

“These two units are very economical for the woodworker,” Basso adds. “They are very accurate, yet very cost effective. We do have a much higher line for the professional such as our MM70 and MM70D, which run about $200 and give you more features, higher accuracy and more versatility.”

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Empire Level Manufacturing Co. introduced its new e100 Digital Level at STAFDA and it will be available in February or March in 24" and 48" lengths. The e100 level has an aircraft aluminum chasis, True Blue acrylic vials that won’t break, fog or leak, and dual-molded rubber endcaps for shock resistance. The e100 is similar to the e70 series levels, but features a digital readout.

“We’ve been hearing from retailers and pros that they were looking for a level that is accurate, durable and readable just like an e70 [but] is also digital, so we built a product to meet those specs,” says Ged King, spokesman for Empire Level.

The level contains a Gun Sight Laser that is calibrated in the X and Y axis, which projects angles and slope, making it useful when working on decks, patios, ADA ramps, driveways and landscaping.

“We’ve included a laser on it so you can read the slope over a long distance,” King adds. “The accuracy is +/- 0.25" at 50' horizontally. We offer a design that has all the patents of the e70, so it has great shock resistance and durability. We wanted to make the product easy, and so the system is very simple to calibrate. It also detects temperatures, so it will hold its calibration for a long time because temperature is the primary thing that changes calibration.”

The 48" level will be priced about $150; the 24" version will cost about $130.

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The Gorilla Gripper, from Landon Innovations, is a gripping hand tool that allows one person to easily lift, carry and move large sheets of material such as plywood and drywall. The tool is self-gripping and the weight of the material is what pulls the plates together so the heavier the material, the heavier the grip.

“It’s made in the United States out of aircraft aluminum and there are rubber gripping pads on the inside of those two gripping plates made by 3M,” says company president Jim Cole. “The plates are thicker than they need to be, we kind of built the product to an overkill geometry.”