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Cordless and pneumatic nailers were everywhere including small framing nailers, finish nailers, brad nailers and pin nailers. Staplers were also abundant for applications including small trim work, picture framing, crown molding, cabinetry, drawer assembly, upholstery, and furniture framing. Larger tools for flooring, decking, roofing, aluminum siding and other construction projects accompanied the smaller models.

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Addison, Texas-based 10C Technologies displayed its universal battery chargers for cordless power tool batteries. The company has its Pro Charger, which is suited for one battery, and its Crew Charger, which handles four batteries at one time.

“We can charge most of the major brands of battery-operated power tools out there and we can do voltages from nine volts up to 19,” says Jack Holland, spokesman for 10C Technologies. “We can also do the different chemistries such as nickel hydride [NiMH] , the cadmium [NiCad] and the lithium ion [Li+].”

The universal battery chargers are capable of providing most batteries a full charge in 15 minutes. A patented technology charges with a pulsation with the least amount of heat possible. Holland has conducted extensive testing of dead batteries and manages to bring an average of seven out of 10 batteries back to some stage of life.

“When you buy the Crew Charger, you select the adaptors that you want for your makeup. And we have the Pro Charger, which is just a single unit and is obviously for one battery. With the Crew Charger, you can plug it into any 120 [volt] outlet or, if you have a generator, it works great off a generator. The Pro will work off the same thing, but if you have a 400-watt inverter in your truck or car, it will work off of that, too, and give you the same results.”

Including the adaptors, the Crew Charger is priced at around $500 and the Pro Charger costs about $170.

*         *         *

The best tools can often be the simplest, and that’s the case with SLK Development Group’s Level Best2  combination square and level.

“The original idea came from an actual contractor,” says company president Stephannie Keller. “He was building my house and was telling me that he always wished he had a tool that was basically a square with a level in it. After talking with him for a little while [about] why he would want that, I decided to go ahead and turn it into a tool. It’s the first time someone has incorporated two level vials into a square.”

The 12" x 12" Level Best2 is designed for cabinetmakers, window installers, stair makers and picture framers.

“We had cabinetmakers tell us it’s great for when you’re building and installing cabinets,” Keller says. “Its one quick tool that shows again that you’re perfectly square and level. It’s just that it’s always taken two tools in the past. You need a framing square to make sure it’s square and then, when you’re installing the cabinets, you’re using a level to make sure you’re installing them straight. This just allows you to do it with one tool with one hand and get what you need.”

The tool is lightweight, two-sided, durable and 1/2" thick. The Level Best2  also has a stair tread and stair rise minimum and maximum for use as a template to cut stringers. During stair installations, the tool allows the user to know that everything is perfectly square and level.

The 12" x 12" model retails for $19.95 and a 6" x 6" version will be available in February for $12.95.

*         *         *

Jet Tools, a division of WMH Tool Group, unveiled a line of benchtop job-site tools at STAFDA. The line, called Jet B3nch, consists of three miter saws, a 10" compound saw, a 10" dual-bevel sliding compound saw, 12" dual-bevel sliding compound saw, a 10" job-site table saw, a 10" band saw, a 12" drill press, an 8" jointer/planer, and a 10" jointer/planer. There is also a 500 cfm dust collector and an AFS 400 air filtration unit.