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“I feel we have the best group of woodworking tradesmen in our industry. These guys stick with me through the long, difficult projects riddled with design changes and roadblocks. We are a success together. Generally the mood around the shop is light-hearted, although at times things can get pretty tense as a deadline is looming. Everyone knows what is at stake. With a small business, not only do your skills have to be proficient, your personality has to fit everybody else in the shop. And one goes hand-in-hand with the other.”

When designing a new interior component, or when revamping an existing piece of furniture, Greenwood and his crew are always instructed to keep the work with the original aesthetic of the yacht interior.

“Our biggest compliment, when someone goes into the room, is they wouldn’t know what the addition was.

“The installation process for a piece can be quite daunting due to location and lack of space to maneuver on board. Some pieces have been built in our shop in Fort Lauderdale, shipped and installed as far away as the south of France. Pieces are usually too awkward for carts to transport, so it is good old-fashioned manual labor that gets a piece on the vessel and in place.”

Expansion possible
The interior boat design business is always presenting the Yorkshire crew with trends in the market, keeping it interesting and challenging. But Greenwood knows trying something new will bring in new clients. While clients in the past have always tended to prefer classic, traditional cabinetry and furniture designs, changes in the audio and video industry have presented Greenwood with the task of modifying those designs. Sometimes they even require him to consult with subcontractors who specialize in audio/video, electrical, air conditioning and plumbing.

“In the past couple of years, everyone has wanted to change their television to one of the plasma screens, and they want their plasma screens to pop up out of the cabinetry, so you need the right hardware. One client wanted a cabinet put into the end of the bed and the old television location was converted to storage.”

Greenwood has done a couple residential wall units in the past. The residential market is not something he is interested in pursuing, but he would consider working in the home of a long-standing client as a special request.

Greenwood says he’s definitely interested in expanding his business as far as getting more jobs and subsequently hiring more employees. But there is no rush.

“When I’m not at work, I’m at home. When I’m not at home, I’m at work. There’s no in-between.”