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Goff Enterprises presented Industrial Curtain Walls, which create a retractable barrier that can be drawn in seconds to provide space alternatives. These versatile means of room separation, constructed with industrial vinyl, confine flying debris and protect sprayed coatings. Available in various sizes, the curtains are easy to attach to one another via 2" industrial Velcro fasteners placed in two 1-foot sections on each outer vertical edge. A zinc-plated chain is sewn into the bottom edge for additional weight.

“With so many production facilities seeking to make their buildings more flexible, these curtains give them a variety of options,” says company president Tony Goff.

Lights and more
In the lighting category, SandMan Products introduced the Sand Pro inspection light series to allow woodworkers to see their work better in dimly lit shops, and also to see scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections in furniture and cabinetry before the material is finished. The light features welded diamond-plate construction for durability, and mounts securely on an adjustable tripod stand.

For protecting valuable machinery tables, Modern Workbench Products showed its TOOLClad magnetic covers for table, scroll and band saws, which primarily provide protection from moisture buildup and rust. The covers feature white plastic lamination and are ideal for glue-ups, as any spilled glue can be easily wiped off. The covers also feature handy reference information, which includes dovetail angles, a grid pattern, rulers, a protractor, geometry information, a conversion chart, a decimal equivalent table, a wood hardness table, a multiplication table, and a pilot-hole guide. They also offer easy notetaking using a dry-erase pen.

Magswitch showed its MagFence Universal Work Support System designed to give woodworkers greater work piece support, precision and control when using various machines. It enhances existing factory safety devices on machines and provides greater safety and control when these devices cannot be used, according to the company.

The system works on the Magswitch Universal Base, which allows users to save money by investing in one base and multiple attachments. Two Magjigs magnetically hold attachments for the base, two of which include the dual roller guide and the single roller resaw guide. The dual roller guide is designed for support over tall work pieces and features dual ball bearings that can be repositioned for work on shorter pieces. Ideal applications include supporting tall panels for raised panel cuts on the table saw, edge joining on the joiner/planer, and resawing on a bandsaw.

DeWalt presented its Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, an adjustable, tool-free guard system for table saws that provides increased visibility for safety on all portable DeWalt table saws. The system includes a rise and fall riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and top guard. This tool-free, adjustable guard system provides contractors with an easy-to-use blade guard that offers a clear line of sight when making cuts, and minimizes installation and removal of guard components to 30 seconds or less, according to DeWalt.

Duluth’s booth also featured durable clothing designed specifically for woodworkers to move freely throughout the shop. The company is continually updating its Freedom of Movement shirts featuring armpit gussets, bi-swing backs and extra shirt length that provide maximum flexibility to workers, says product manager Ricker Schlecht.