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The innovation continues
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Berenson Corp. introduced three full suites of coordinating hardware featuring long pulls named Toccata, Forte and Opus. The company is out to change the mindset that oversized pulls are only for refrigerators.

“There’s a trend toward larger-size hardware,” says Nicole Fisher, spokeswoman for Berenson Corp. “People needed to meet the needs of the built-in refrigerator and they want matching hardware throughout their whole kitchen, so we supply these longer pulls to match some of our current collections. We’re also introducing finger pulls, lip pulls, where you put them over the drawer and you stick your fingers underneath so you can open the drawer that way.”

Blum’s focus at its IWF booth was Servo-Drive, the new opening feature for its Tandem and TandemBox drawers.

“People were very interested in the internals — how it works,” says Dennis Poteat, spokesman for Blum. “Our Plexi cabinet showing the internal components and our assembly work stations were the biggest hits.

“At KBIS, we get great feedback on where designers would use our products; at IWF, the feedback is more on the ease of installation. Cabinetmakers were surprised that no special modifications needed to be made, and at how easy it was to install.”

Poteat says Blum is trending towards high-end products that represent the best possible features, function and quality.

“The idea of Blum as a hinge company is still strong in the marketplace with cabinet shops, but I think we are more well-known for the [U.S. manufactured] Tandem Plus Blumotion runners. This is especially true when you include kitchen enthusiasts. Many savvy high-end customers come into cabinet shops and kitchen dealers asking for Tandem Plus Blumotion runners.”

CSH Hardware unveiled its rolling ladder hardware kits in Atlanta, geared for use in libraries, bunk beds, storage areas and kitchens. The ladders are lightweight and strong, equipped with ultra-quiet top rollers and non-marring wheels, according to the company. The 16" wide ladders come in 8', 9', and 10' lengths and can be cut to length. Available in red oak, cherry and maple, the ladders are sanded to 120 grit and include pre-drilled holes and dados for rungs.

The company also had its popular pneumatic EZ Ball Spaceball insertion gun on display. Although not new, spaceballs are used in the manufacturing of solid wood panel doors, fitting in the rails and stiles of doors to keep the panel centered.

Grass announced that its popular Sensotronic electromechanically controlled motion for the Nova Pro drawer system is now being offered on a production basis. Sensotronic allows you to touch the drawer front with your hand, knee or foot to activate the motion of the drawer system.

Other items displayed at IWF included European-designed Lifter systems for cabinet interiors, an institutional hinge, several additions for use with the Tipmatic hardware line, a 13" undermount slide designed for use in a standard 14" closet and storage solution, and the Mepla-Alfit illuxo hinge with LED lighting.

Häfele has the advantage of being a global company with the ability to observe and evaluate products in Europe before bringing them to the U.S. market.

“We’re always engineering and looking for new ideas and new concepts, new technologies,” says Sheets. “A lot of the trends that we see here, quite frankly, evolved, in a lot of cases, from Europe. A lot of the European manufacturers look at the kitchen with a much more functional aspect. The technology of the kitchen and the house seems to be something in Europe where there is a lot more emphasis. That has been gradually evolving and making its way here.”