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The virtues of vertical saws
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Saw Trax
Saw Trax offers several models for the small shop on a budget. That being said, the user will not have to sacrifice quality of operation just to save money. The company's saws have standard features such as sealed ball bearings on the carriage which provide tighter tolerance and easier movement, a patented "Accu-Square" system, nickel chromed guide tubes, bevel cutting, folding stand, and a dust brush under carriage which helps contain dust.

The company offers "off-the-shelf" Porter-Cable, Bosch and Milwaukee saws for easy replacement and maintenance. The Porter-Cable and Bosch saws allow for a 1-3/4" depth of cut and the 10" Milwaukee saw cuts up to 2-1/2" deep. Even without a scoring attachment, the 10" saw has the ability to achieve near chip-free cuts with the addition of a quality melamine blade. You can also easily add a router to the carriage to convert the saw into a panel router. Other options include spring hold-down clamps for thin material, a mid-fence for cutting small parts and a spinning carriage insert for quick conversion to ripping.

Lobo has come up with a unique feature on its vertical panel saw; the ability to use a saw or router. Standard equipment includes both a 2-1/4-hp saw and 2-1/4-hp router. Changing between the two takes less than a minute.

Other features include a floating saw/router head, 62" crosscut capacity, unlimited ripping length, patented roller material carriage that allows heavy material to roll easily, thin material pressure guard, an all steel frame and a heavy duty counter balance.

Striebig has introduced a new and improved version of its Optisaw vertical panel saw. Features found on the new saw include a two-section mid-shelf with adjustable fingers for small parts, an automatic mechanically shifting support grid with replaceable plastic laths, a full-length measuring channel with English and metric scales, and a TRK dust collection system. The 7-1/2-hp motor is equipped with a motor brake, Y-Delta soft starter and noise-reducing insulation. The saw chassis is an all-welded steel frame, making the saw suitable as a freestanding unit or when mounted to the wall.

Striebig has also introduced the new Compact. It's the only saw of its kind to feature standard aluminum fingers that can be moved individually along the horizontal T-slotted center shelf bar. Work piece support is provided along the full length of the saw for greater comfort. A shifting grid that moves upward prevents jamming or damage caused by off-cuts leaning against the frame. There is also a 24" repetitive rip device with a roller follower, an improved digital measuring system providing increased accuracy, a measuring stop that flips out of the way, and it can handle sheets up to 5' x 10'. This precision Swiss-made saw will cut perfect repeatable edges. Options include a scoring saw unit, grooving accessories and an angle-cutting unit.

Safety Speed Cut
Safety Speed Cut has recently introduced two new models geared for the small shop, the C4 and C5. Both models pack features of the company's larger saws, just on a 5' frame. Standard equipment includes a 3-1/4"-hp saw motor, 1-3/4" guide tubes, 4 Nylatron roller bearing system, thin material pressure guard, spring-loaded counter balance system, plastic material rollers, and quick change from horizontal to vertical cutting.

Equipped with castors, these saws could easily be transported to a job site. Maximum rip capacity is 96" and maximum depth of cut is 1-3/4" with the 8" diameter blade.