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The virtues of vertical saws
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Milwaukee Tool Co. offers a panel saw for the portable user. Its 110-volt, 15-amp motor and 8-1/4" blade complement the small shop's arsenal of tools.

Like other small saws, the Milwaukee is accurate to within 1/32". Horizontal and vertical scales allow for quick setup. The 1-3/4" maximum depth of cut will handle most panel thicknesses. Material can be fed from either side and slides along a smooth acting roller mechanism. For cutting panels more than 6' long, the extension kit accessory is required. Other options include a hold-down bar kit, quick stop gauge and wheel kit.

Panel Pro
Those looking for a low-price alternative to vertical panel saws may want to consider the Panel Pro. In the words of the manufacturer, "Panel Pro is an economical panel saw that makes it easy to handle those big sheets of wood or plastic and cut them accurately. The patented design of this vertical panel saw can't be matched for the price and features."

The saw's blade is positioned behind the sliding carriage to avoid potential operator contact, and the vertical frame supports the panel while the cut is being made. The Panel Pro measures only 5' long and 3' deep. Its small footprint allows it to be easily pushed out of the way while not in use; an important consideration for those not needing a panel saw set up for production. Basic features include 4' vertical and 8' horizontal cutting capacity, 1/32" cutting accuracy, 14-amp Ryobi motor and laser line for vertical cuts.

Putsch-Meniconi manufactures heavy-duty vertical panel saws. All are solidly built with a one-piece welded steel frame with square beam construction for strength and rigidity. Ten models are available with cutting capacities from 10' to 17' in length, two scoring options and many other features such as V grooving, electronic digital readout and micro-adjustable scoring system. Even the company's smaller saws are guaranteed to have a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm over one meter in length.

The company has introduced a smaller saw, the SVP 133/2500, which has a 5' x 8' cutting capacity designed for the smaller shop. This is a full-fledged professional saw built exactly like its popular SVP 133, yet with a smaller footprint. The company has also introduced the UNIVER SVP 145-45, the world's first vertical panel saw capable of cutting at a 45 degree bevel. Until now, bevel cuts have only been available on table saws, sliding table saws and a few automatic beam saws. The SVP 145-45 can also deliver compound miter cuts using the bevel cut system along with an optional miter fence.

Saw Systems
Saw Systems manufactures affordable solutions for the vertical saw user. Two height capacity options of 52" and 64" are available. Standard features on all models include 1-1/2" depth of cut, 1-3/4" chrome guide tubes with nylon roller bearings, 1-1/2" steel tube frame, rotating saw plate with Porter-Cable saw motor, dust collection and safety shield.

Other options allow the user to choose additional material support either for one side or two, universal router plate accessory, fence system with Quick Stop, and castors that will make this a truly portable saw.