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The virtues of vertical saws
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For instance, the design is not conducive to ripping solid wood; something where the horizontal configuration shines. In addition, most woodworkers are trained with an understanding of table saws, the mainstay of woodworking versatility. Vertical saws require re-training in your approach to cutting. And they're not the greatest when working with small parts.

Custom shops look for versatility in a tool, especially in large-dollar expenditures. Shop owners I've talked to who shied away from vertical saws all cited the same reason: versatility. I believe vertical saw manufacturers have responded. New developments in the vertical saw may change the way you look at their versatility. Small shops looking for a tool to bridge the gap in production work should find something new to be excited about. Large shops looking for production machines will even be impressed with the latest technological advancements.

Here's what the manufacturers are offering (in no particular order):

Hendrick Manufacturing Corp. offers a very advanced saw in the Pro-V model. The Pro-V is similar to a horizontal beam saw stood vertically to save floor space. The automatic cutting relieves the operator from moving the saw carriage, a real plus in production environments. A full-length pneumatic pressure beam eliminates the need for operator-inserted kerf wedges to prevent blade binding.

Other important features include a compact design; single blade scoring feature; three cutting modes; solid table surface allowing small part cutting; adjustable measuring tape and five adjustable flip stops.

The Holz-Her name precedes itself in a variety of woodworking equipment. Vertical panel saws are no exception. Features found on the company's various models include its patented Super-Cut scoring system, 3" depth of cut, V-grooving, CNC capability and angle cutting up to 49 degrees with an optional angle cut fixture.

Holz-Her's newest model is the VPS 1260, an automatic version of the company's popular VPS 1255. The 1260 entry-level model can be used to cut a variety of materials (such as wood panels, solid surface, plastic and aluminum) easily and precisely. Features include automatic saw operation, all-welded frame, 169" x 75" cutting capacity, 2-1/2" depth of cut, precision guide-ways, full-length grooved work piece support and automatic shifting back grid.

The DS series is the latest development in vertical saws from Elcon. They are compact machines developed to provide a quality and affordable machine to the entry-level user. Two sizes are available and come standard with transport rollers, double-cut scoring, movable frame, roller bearing guides and a welded box frame.

Elcon also produces the DSX series, which allows for fast changes from vertical to horizontal cutting operations, pneumatic plunging for easy movement, an automatic shifting grid and a completely shielded saw blade. A variety of sizes and custom-made lengths are available.

The DSXE is Elcon's largest capacity panel saw, offering an 80mm cutting depth, pneumatic plunging and the option of a 7-1/2-hp motor.