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While Toolbox has been Microvellum's flagship product for a number of years, 2008 marks the beginning the company's all new MicroManager, says Microvellum's Clay Swayze.

MicroManager keeps track of critical company information in one convenient location. It also gives users the tools to take projects from the design stage, create an accurate estimate, determine when the project will best fit into production, create shop-wide schedules or schedules for individual work centers, compile work orders containing one or multiple projects for each phase of production, including installation scheduling.

Microvellum's MicroManager ERP system offers tools for business management, estimating, engineering, capacity planning, purchasing and production. This software has import/export options for accounting packages such as QuickBooks.

Other products from Microvellum include:

  • Overdrive Pro allows for exclusive product creation if a drawing environment is not required. This Microsoft Excel-based product allows users to make formula-driven product libraries, attach machining operations and produce all of the manufacturing information.
  • ALIS (Automated Labeling Integration Software) provides part labeling and product tracking in the shop.

ShopBot has teamed with CNC software company Vectric to create ShopBot's new proprietary CAD/CAM software, PartWorks and PartWorks3D. The PartWorks and PartWorks3D package replaces ShopBot's former software package, PartWizard and MillWizard, and is included in the purchase price of every new ShopBot. ShopBot will continue to support PartWizard and MillWizard for the life of current user's tools.

"Although PartWorks is not a nested-based software package, it has the capabilities to enhance any nested-based software by allowing users to design value-added, custom features and 3D additions for door and drawer fronts and other cabinet and furniture details," said ShopBot president Ted Hall.