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Cabinet Pro software is an all-inclusive cabinetmaking solution for both the small cabinet shop and the large manufacturer of cabinets, entertainment centers, doors, desks and closets, says Eliana Jimenez, marketing director of Siskiyou Products, the parent company of Cabinet Pro.

"We have Cabinet Pro Standard Edition which offers shop and finished drawings, floor plans, elevations, 3D perspectives, auto fill features, user-

defined cutlists, material reports, door reports and bidding reports," said Jimenez. "Cabinet Pro also offers a truly unified approach to CNC machining with a single software program that produces the g-code to run your CNC machine, along with providing 3D renderings, shop drawings, bids, cultists and panel optimization."

Jimenez says software buyers select Cabinet Pro programs because they are easy to use, provide accuracy of the cutlist and bidding reports, and because they are affordable.

"Because of the versatility of the different programs, the company reached a large group of shops including the one-man shop, to a large company with more than 200 employees. In fact, we have a couple of one-man shops who own a CNC machine and our CNC edition."
Software offered by Cabinet Pro includes:

  • Cabinet Pro for the manufacturer of cabinets, entertainment centers, doors and desks. It produces shop and finished drawings, floor plans, elevations, perspectives, pricing, unlimited user-defined cut lists, bids, financial charts and reports.
  • Cabinet Pro CNC features everything that Cabinet Pro does plus panel optimization, and direct CNC support via g-code.
  • Cabinet Pro Lite provides 3D renderings, shop drawings and cut lists.
  • Door Pro for the manufacturer of cabinet doors.
  • The Standard edition offers the features needed by a shop without a CNC router.

Jimenez reminds potential buyers to have put aside dedicated time to learn any software program, or they will get frustrated by the lack of immediate results.

"The decision to move from manually handling all aspects of the shop production, to incorporate a software to replace parts of the process, should be made when there is no pressure of any kind, as the person in charge of running the software should allocate plenty of time to learn the intricacies of a brand new concept," said Jimenez.